The Fancyslides class is prepared for short presentations with modern look & feel. It offers the following features:
• custom background for each slide,
• predefined types of slides,
• simplified commands (e.g. for starting and ending slide).

The class is build upon LaTeX Beamer, so all the commands you know should work.



Example 1 (PDF)

Example 2 (PDF)

Example 3 (PDF)–from

Example 4 (PDF)–by A. Gajda

Example 5 (PDF)–from

Example 6 (PDF)–by H. Haseli (source)



Fancyslides on CTAN

The package contains:

  • fancyslides.cls – document class;
  • example.tex – an exemplary file ready to compile it with pdflatex;
  • example.pdf – compiled example, to give you an impression of the Fancsyslides look & feel;
  • blank.jpg, 1.jpg and 2.jpg – exemplary background graphics;
  • fancyslides.pdf – short intro.

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed. Please write at pawel dot lupkowski at gmail dot com.


How to install fancsyslides.cls (GNU/Linux)?

To install Fancyslides in your GNU/Linux system:

  1. make the following folder tree in your home folder: texmf/tex/latex/base (e.g. by typing in the terminal: mkdir -p ~/texmf-local/tex/latex/fancyslides/)
  2. put fancyslides.cls in the base folder
  3. In terminal run texhash ~/texmf-local
  4. Done.

Last update:

  • 5.06.2013 (how to install fancyslides.cls)
  • 26.05.2013 (minor corrections in man.pdf)
  • 24.05.2013 (customisation of text colour added)
  • 13.02.2015 (handouts mode enabled)
  • 14.02.2014 (fancyslides available on CTAN)


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