LST&C: Conceptual Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (2012)

PhD Programme in English: Language, Society, Technology and Cognition

The course will cover the following issues:

  • The history of the idea of AI – from Golem legends to modern trans-humanistic views.
  • Paradigms in the field of AI (GOFAI, connectionism, artificial life, modern ideas of human computation).
  • What does it mean to be (artificially) intelligent? Strong vs. weak AI (J. Searle’s thesis and its critics).
  • How can we tell if an agent is intelligent? Turing test and its derivatives (Loebner contest, Minimal intelligent signal test, Lady Lolvelace test, CAPTCHA systems).
  • Is AI possible at all? Counterarguments for the possibility of AI: consciousness, common knowledge (frame problem), limitation theorems.

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